Georgia Congressional candidate Marjorie Greene received an endorsement from the House Freedom Fund on Monday, December 16, 2019.

Greene is running for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District running on a platform that will protect the Second Amendment and the rights of the unborn.

The House Freedom Fund was formed by members of the House Freedom Caucus (including rock stars like Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows) to bring in more conservatives who will fight for limited government, slashing wasteful spending and fundamental rights such as life, freedom of speech and self-defense.

According to its website, the House Freedom Fund “only supports candidates for Congress who are dedicated to open, accountable, and limited government – candidates who will fight to defend the Constitution and advance policies that promote liberty, safety, and prosperity for all Americans.”

The Greene campaign published this press release highlighting the endorsement.

The House Freedom Fund stated:

Marjorie Greene is a full-spectrum conservative who is not afraid to speak out for our principles and values.  If she’s elected, she will be a powerful voice for hardworking American families in Congress.

In response to the endorsement from the House Freedom Fund, Marjorie said:

I’m honored to receive the House Freedom Fund endorsement.  I look forward to their strong conservative support across the 14th Congressional District as we head into the May 19th Republican Primary.  As a Christian conservative wife, mother of three, businesswoman and job creator, I’m proud to say I’m 100% Pro-America, Pro-Trump, Pro-Life, and Pro-Second Amendment.

I’m a political outsider and problem solver.  I’m not a career politician and never want to be.  With a Congress that is continually failing the people, my sole purpose for running is to represent the people of the 14th CD, not the career politicians and bureaucrats.

I encourage all conservative Republicans in the 14th, and those who love our country and want to Keep America Great, to get behind my campaign and help me take the fight for the people of NW Georgia to Washington, DC.  I would also be honored to become the first female elected Representative from the 14th and NW Georgia in Congress.

Solid conservative congressmen like Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows lead the fundraising for the House Freedom Fund.

Jim Jordan: “The House Freedom Fund helps grassroots candidates get the financial support they need to compete with establishment candidates.”

Mark Meadows: “Change in Washington means changing the people we send there and HFF is making that happen by sending principled, conservative outsiders to D.C.”

Greene is the only option for conservatives who believe in the principles of the Second Amendment and the right to life in Georgia’s 14th congressional district.

A 2020 victory by Greene would represent a major step forward for American First patriots.