Source: Vince Quill

Southwest Airlines was the topic of the national discussion over its implementation of vaccine mandates.

The large air carrier postured, and they tried really hard to force the will of the state upon its pilots and employees…what resulted was nothing short of spectacular.

Roughly 1,800 flights were grounded in just one day in response to their policy.

Eventually, they conceded to their pilots and workers, and the recent ruling by the court was another blow to the clear government overreach, yet a victory for workers everywhere.

Biden’s mandate seems to be falling apart nationwide, as the big 3 automakers also announced that they will not be requiring vaccines for their employees.

According to sources, Southwest has begun approving exemptions to the vaccine mandate en masse, and with haste. here’s what these sources had to say:

Becker News broke the story:

Southwest Airlines employees are receiving good news on their pushback against personally invasive vaccine mandates: Their exemptions are “all” being approved.

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The word comes via Robby Starbuck, a director, and producer who is running for Congress in Tennessee’s fifth district in 2022.

According to CNBC, Southwest is having trouble filling positions:

“Southwest is experiencing a sharp decline in qualified applicants due to low labor force participation and competition for available talent,” Southwest vice president and chief people officer Julie Weber wrote in a Tuesday note to staff.

Southwest staff can receive 20,000 “SWAG Points” — Those points on Southwest’s internal platform have a taxable value of 1.5 cents each, a company document says, giving the points a value of about $300.