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On Friday, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey gave a statement rejecting a woke pre-k educator resource book distributed to Alabama teachers which aims to teach four years olds about lgbtq+ sexual behavior and that they are inherently racist.

In a press release, Ivey’s office said it “was brought to the Administration’s attention that there was concerning content in a pre-K educator resource book, content that is simply not in line with what the Ivey Administration or the people of Alabama stand for or believe.”

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In response, Ivey’s office ditched the head of Early Childhood Education, Barbara Cooper, and the “woke” teacher resource book. Cooper was forced out after Ivey expressed concern over the distribution of the book to state-run pre-kindergartens. In a statement, Ivey reiterated her commitment to true learning and rejected woke curriculum saying,

“The education of Alabama’s children is my top priority as governor, and there is absolutely no room to distract or take away from this mission. Let me be crystal clear: Woke concepts that have zero to do with a proper education and that are divisive at the core have no place in Alabama classrooms at any age level, let alone with our youngest learners.”

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