Business as usual at the border with border officials STILL expecting a surge and shelters crowded – despite judge keeping restrictions

Posted By: Daily Mail

Hundreds of migrants were released from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) custody into the U.S. on Monday – the same day Title 42 was supposed to expire before a federal judge blocked the move by the Biden administration.

Busloads of single male migrants arrived at the Mission: Border Hope nonprofit in Eagle Pass, Texas on Monday, where they will receive shelter and food before they travel to their final destination within the U.S.

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Executive Director of the non-profit Valeria Wheeler, 35, told that they house migrants released from Border Patrol until they can transport them to the bus station or airport in San Antonio, Texas, which is about 2.5 hours away.

When asked how many migrants they see each day, Wheeler said: ‘500 – sometimes a little bit less. Yesterday we had 1,000, but it was a mistake. They left. We’ve helped the ones that really needed to stay, but it was so hot that they just left.’

The move to release hundreds of migrants from custody into the U.S. comes the same day that Title 42 was previously supposed to end, which would have given migrants an easier clear path to claim asylum.

Meanwhile, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott is sending a message to migrants trying to cross into the U.S. from Mexico that they will be met with force – making clear with a fleet of Humvees and armed National Guard soldiers that the state is still enforcing Title 42.

Authorities expected to see a massive influx of migration Monday, but so far the crossing pints in Eagle Pass, Texas are relatively quiet except for patrolling helicopters and fan boats on the Rio Grande River, as well as dozens of Border Patrol trucks and camouflage and camel-colored Army Humvees caravanning through the town and along the border.

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