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Chicago police scrambled to respond to hundreds of teenagers swarming the Lakeview neighborhood and terrorizing businesses and neighborhoods on Monday evening.

“They were jumping on cars, breaking glass, throwing things. I know my personal automobile was used as a bar for people,” a witness told WGN-TV.

The woman told WGN that she called the police but got a distressing response.

“I was told that there was nothing they could do,” the concerned resident said. “They were so overwhelmed at the moment that there were just way too many calls coming in.”

The takeover started when the teenagers poured out of the Belmont Red Line stop on the Chicago “L” train at about 10 p.m.

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Video from the incident showed many of the teenagers dancing on top of cars and drinking in the streets.

Residents of the neighborhood said they discovered vandalism to their cars, including broken windows and large dents.

One restaurant owner told WGN that they immediately closed their business after seeing the teenagers causing chaos. They watched over the business all night to prevent any vandalism.

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