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Hundreds of thousands of students across the US will be forced to wear face masks in class when schools go back this week as controversial mandates make a return.

Despite Covid infection rates plateauing for months, elementary and high schools in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania have made face coverings a condition of entry for students returning from the holidays.

Education officials claim the policy is to prevent a boom in respiratory illnesses after increased mixing during the first normal Christmas and New Year in years. 

But there is little evidence that face masks actually reduce infection rates, and mounting research shows the mandates stunted children’s social development and education, and robbed them of vital immunity to other seasonal bugs like flu and RSV.

There are growing concerns that damaging Covid policies could creep back into American life after the US Government announced all passengers from China – suffering a major outbreak – would be tested upon entry, despite no proof that policy works either.

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Covid infections in the US are running at around 400,000 per week now compared to 4 million this time last year and 1.3 million the previous year.

Weekly cases have been stable since late summer, which has been attributed to high levels of immunity in populations through vaccination and waves of infections.

Schools in New Jersey are justifying the latest mask mandates due to the state suffering increases in Covid, flu and RSV cases.

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