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Remember a couple of weeks ago when Hunter Biden went to a court hearing in Arkansas and claimed that he is too poor to pay child support?Would you believe that he flew to Arkansas in a private jet?If we had a real media that wasn’t made up of Democrat activists, this might have been considered newsworthy.The New York Post reports:

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Hunter Biden cried poverty but still flew to his child-support hearing on a private jet for at least $55K

Fly me a river.

Hunter Biden cried poverty at his Arkansas child-support hearing earlier this month — despite flying to and from the courthouse aboard a luxury private jet owned by his close friend Kevin Morris.

The 2001 Dassault Falcon 50 — formerly owned by country singer Brad Paisley — is registered to Plato LLC, for which Morris is the principal, California business records show.

The $6 million jet took off from Los Angeles on April 30 just after 7 a.m., according to flight records reviewed by The Post.

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