Posted BY: Kelen McBreen | Infowars

Deep State Special Counsel David Weiss has brought felony gun charges against Joe Biden’s crackhead son Hunter as part of a larger cover-up of the First Son’s rampant criminal activity.

In what is being widely viewed as a blatant whitewash, Weiss charged Hunter Biden on Thursday with two counts related to making false statements when purchasing a firearm and a third count of illegally obtaining a firearm while being addicted to drugs.

Hunter would face 25 years in prison if given the maximum punishment for the actions.

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Infowars explained last month how Weiss worked with Joe Biden’s eldest son, the deceased Beau Biden, for several years in Delaware.

According to The Washinton Post, Weiss worked with Beau in 2010 on a large fraud case and would have associated with the elder Biden son at the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s office from 2007 until Beau’s death in 2015.

A close aide to the Biden family was also embedded in the office of David Weiss for years during his time as a Delaware attorney.

The Weiss associate, Alexander Mackler, was deeply connected to the Biden family for years while he worked for the now-Special Counsel’s office from 2016-2019, according to the Washington Examiner.

Before being named special counsel in August, many conservatives and GOP politicians called out Weiss for his botched handling of the original Hunter Biden IRS investigation he led while planning to let Hunter off with a slap on the wrist.

According to a New York Times report, Weiss did not intend to charge Hunter with any crimes, but IRS whistleblowers came forward about the First Son’s alleged tax fraud and ruined his plans.

The Wall Street Journal published an opinion piece last month titled, “David Weiss Should Resign,” citing a former DOJ attorney who pointed out Weiss is now essentially covering up his failed investigation into Hunter.

CBS News received legal documents showing Congress has asked Hunter’s legal team to provide records of their plea deal negotiations with Weiss and the DOJ.

While some may celebrate Hunter being jailed for gun crimes, which included providing false statements on handgun applications, it would equate to a small timeout compared to other suspicious activities unearthed by journalists.

After all, Hunter helped fund the CIA-connected company Metabiota, which ran a network of illegal biowarfare labs in Ukraine at the behest of the Pentagon under the guise of investigating diseases.

Metabiota was also partnered under USAID’s Predict Project with the now-infamous non-profit EcoHealth Alliance (EHA), which many blame for releasing COVID-19 from the Wuhan lab.

EHA is the group Dr. Anthony Fauci used to funnel money to the Wuhan lab after the Obama administration halted dangerous gain-of-function research in 2014.

In 2014, Metabiota, EHA, and the Wuhan Institute of Virology were all named as researchers in a study on infectious diseases deriving from Chinese bats.

The Russian military has sounded the alarm on Hunter’s role in the Ukrainian labs, claiming they’re being used to create race-specific bioweapons that could be used against Russia.

Besides possibly being connected to the release of Covid, Hunter was also selling access to his father when he served as Obama’s Vice President. He is likely continuing to do so as his father sits in what should be Donald Trump’s Oval Office.

In congressional testimony delivered in late July, the co-founder of Hunter’s firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners, Devon Archer, testified Hunter was “selling the illusion of access to his father” and claimed the puppet president joined in via speakerphone on over 20 phone calls between his son and potential clients of their pay-for-play schemes.

During an appearance with Tucker Carlson last month, Archer detailed the Biden crime family’s shady deals with China, Russia, Ukraine, and other countries.

According to the New York Post, “Hunter likely violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) while negotiating lucrative business deals with entities in China, Mexico, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine during and after Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president — with George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley last year calling the evidence ‘unassailable and undeniable.’”
Images and videos on Hunter’s now-infamous laptops have also revealed crimes such as possessing crack cocaine and soliciting prostitutes, including some who may have been underage.
Of course, United States intelligence officials rushed to protect their drug-addled asset by signing off on a document claiming Hunter’s laptops were part of a Russian disinformation campaign leading up to the 2020 presidential election.
Pre-Elon Musk, Twitter, and other social media sites even helped censor the Hunter laptop story during the election cycle.
While no conclusion was ever made, the infamous Biden White House cocaine may be another example of Hunter getting away with criminal activity, as the whole ordeal was suspiciously swept under the rugs of the West Wing.
One thing is certain: Weiss is being used by the Deep State as a fixer who will ensure Hunter Biden is not properly punished for betraying his country.