Hurricane Laura Death Toll Climbs; Several Killed by ...

Source: True Pundit

The death toll from Hurricane Laura continued to rise as officials in Louisiana said it could be days before the full extent of the destruction is known, especially in areas where water and debris still blocked roadways a day after the Category 4 storm roared ashore in coastal Louisiana and moved inland.

At least 10 deaths in in Louisiana and four in Texas were attributed to the storm. Several of the victims succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning from running generators amid widespread power outages.

“People are running generators indoors or in very poorly ventilated areas and that is just an ultra hazardous thing to do, so I’m encouraging everybody that until the lights come back on, please don’t do that,” Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said in a news conference Friday afternoon.

At least five of the deaths in Louisiana were blamed on carbon monoxide poisoning, including a family in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The generator in Lake Charles was inside an attached garage and fumes entered the house through a partly open door, WBRZ reported.

Three people sleeping in a building in Port Arthur, Texas, also died of carbon monoxide poisoning. More than 20 others in Port Arthur were hospitalized. READ MORE: