Source: Zero Hedge

Self-professed extraterrestrial expert and conspiracy theorist Scott C. Warin uploaded a video on YouTube of an unexplainable phenomenon over the skies of Pasadena, California, last month. 

Warin is a UFO hunter who manages the blog UFOSightingsDaily and wrote some commentary on the sighting. 

He said the object floating over the Pasadena skies appeared to be a “black triangle object.” He said the object’s shape seems to resemble the United States Air Force’s hypersonic weapon, except the object was hovering, rotating, and stopping at times – something a hypersonic weapon isn’t capable of. 

Warin’s conspiracy theorist side quickly comes out as he speculates the UFO might’ve been “monitoring the covid infections and immunizations of the humans below to assess future predictions of events.”

In a world where deepfake technology can create convincing events – the authenticity of a video must always be questioned. 

We must note Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Development Program, responsible for developing advanced aircraft, is about an hour away from Pasadena. 

Some internet users were convinced the object was a balloon or even possibly a drone.