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It isn’t a mystery. For decades, “experts” in the western world have been coming up with incredibly bizarre theories about where the Ark of the Covenant is located. One of those theories was popularized by “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, but that theory is just fiction. In fact, all of the wacky theories that you see out there is just fiction. Over in Israel, the current location of the Ark of the Covenant is an open secret. It is in the same underground chamber where it has been for more than 2,600 years, and it will be there until the time comes for it to be revealed. And once it is finally revealed, the Israeli people will see an immediate need to construct a new temple for it.

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The article that I posted about the Ark of the Covenant the other day certainly got a lot of attention.

And it also spawned a lot of questions.

In particular, many people wanted to know how I could be so sure about the location of the Ark of the Covenant.

This surprised me because the truth is that the location of the Ark of the Covenant has actually been known for decades.

A reader has pointed out to me that the Temple Institute is even publicly admitting that they know exactly where the Ark of the Covenant is on their own website.  The following excerpt comes from the page where the Temple Institute answers frequently asked questions

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