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Is ice cream the ivermectin of the food world, something with profound health benefits that the medical establishment refuses to acknowledge? Perhaps not, in that no one is being censored or canceled for touting the frozen delight. Nonetheless, a number of studies show that ice cream has health benefits — and, try as they might, scientists have been unable thus far to debunk these findings.

Apropos to this, when I had a health and heart check-up approximately a year and a half ago, the medical professional handling matters told me that only one percent of people my age have blood-work numbers such as mine. “Whatever you’re doing,” he then remarked, “keep it up.” Without missing a beat, I replied:

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“Well, what I’m doing is, I’m eating ice cream first thing in the morning — so I’ll keep it up.”

No, I’m not recommending you mainline chocolate fudge swirl; the medical professional also mentioned that I likely enjoy a beneficial genetic predisposition. This said the ice cream-finding is perhaps both fascinating and befuddling.

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