‘It’s Not Fair’: Idaho Rep. to Introduce Bill Barring ...

Transgender athletes in Idaho high schools would be obligated to play against competitors who match their biological sex under a new bill planned by a local lawmaker.

Biological males would be banned from competing against females, and vice versa, if Rep. Barbara Ehardt’s law is passed.

“Boys and men will not be able to take the place of girls and women in sports because it’s not fair,” Rep. Ehardt told East Idaho News. “We cannot physically compete against boys and men.”

“The inherent biological, scientific advantages that boys and men have over girls and women, even if they were to take hormones, even if they were to spend a couple of years on estrogen, that’s not going to replace the inherent biological advantages that boys and men have.”

Ehardt says she has been working on the legislation for 18 months and plans to introduce it during the 2020 session.

Language in the bill reportedly uses DNA and chromosomes as focal points, and it would also ban female athletes from competing in male sports.

“Those biological boys, those men, can still compete, it will just have to be with those who look like them, that have the same large heart and lungs,” Ehardt said.

“This has nothing to do with an anti-LGBT agenda. This is all about providing the opportunity for girls and women to continue to compete just as our counterparts, boys and men, are able to compete.”

Rep. Ehart also reportedly plans to re-introduce a bill that would “require parents to opt their children into sex education classes as well as require educators to inform parents and guardians of any sexual content in their curriculum.”

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