Posted BY: John Klar

God forbid there be a military conflict with China.  Yet as tensions increase over Taiwan, spy balloons, and escalating rhetoric, the prospect of a skirmish or broader conflict with that massive nation is a daunting cloud over America.  Traditionally, one would expect such a menace to unite Americans, yet today’s far left despises the Constitution and the nation, and indeed tradition itself.  More, the left ignores the human rights abuses of nations such as China in its derisive slanders against America.  Bent on destroying the nation from within, will the left simply roll out the red carpet for Red China if it attacks America?

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After all, the grand utopian fantasies of the America-haters is firmly grounded in Marxism — a power grab to create some new yet undefined authoritarian nirvana. Deconstructionists destroy — even themselves. The gullible cluelessness of today’s postmodern truth-deniers extends to contempt for gender science, the family unit, heterosexual normativity, even math and economics. Ignorance of the universal failures of Marxism does not deter the would-be nihilists: those who wave rainbow flags professing love of liberty spout hatred for their neighbors and nation.

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