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We know why some Republicans promote insurrectionists. They either sympathize with the cause or they’re keen to ingratiate themselves to those who do.

But Democrats are leading the January 6 committee. They speak frequently in dire terms about the threat to democracy, with good reason. Biden has used the presidential pulpit to argue that the new “Ultra MAGA” Republicans aren’t the GOP of yesteryear. They’re illiberal, extreme, unworthy of power and untethered from America’s civic traditions.

So why are Democratic groups spending money to promote “stop the steal” candidates in Republican primaries?

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I wrote about this a few weeks ago after the Pennsylvania gubernatorial primaries. Election truther Doug Mastriano beat a crowded field of Trump-friendly candidates there thanks in part to his support for the Big Lie, which earned him Trump’s endorsement. But Mastriano also got a boost from an unlikely source — his Democratic opponent, Josh Shapiro, whose campaign funded an “attack ad” against Mastriano during the Republican primary campaign. Except the “attack” wasn’t really an attack; it touted the fact that Mastriano strongly supports Trump, wanted to audit Pennsylvania’s election, and moved legislation to ban abortion. All things that would endear Mastriano to Republican primary voters.