Posted BY: Mark Andrew Dwyer

If elections were free and fair, then we would see the best Americans elected to federal, state, and local governments…usually, though we don’t.

If elections were free and fair, then the least fit to govern candidates would not keep “winning” seats…but they often do.

If the elections were free and fair, then our government would not need to weaponize its agencies against its critics…but it does.

If the elections were free and fair, then our elected officials would not act in a blatant disregard of their voters’ will…but many of them do.

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Take, for example, Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon, who continues to release violent criminals to the streets despite the (often deadly) consequences for countless victims, widespread criticism by law enforcement, and the public outrage his pro-crime approach elicits. If one is naive enough to believe that Mr. Gascon’s election was a true reflection of the constituents’ will, and that he survived his recall effort because the voters approved of his disdain towards the law-abiding residents, then the only rational explanation for such belief is a conclusion that the voters in L.A. are stupid. However, such an absurd and unproven assertion is irreconcilable with the largely-reliable maxim of self-preservation.

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