Posted BY: Cullen Linebarger

The Biden Regime’s lawless border agenda continues to have deleterious consequences for ordinary Americans, this time in Alabama. Last week, an illegal migrant named Marlon Pineda-Enamorado was arrested and charged with six counts of attempted murder for trapping six people in a Robertsdale house and allegedly trying to burn them alive.

Authorities said his violent actions were triggered by his roommates telling him to find a new place to live. Instead of packing up and leaving, Pineda-Enamorado decided to try to take his roommates’ lives instead, according to police.

Here is the story from The News and Observer:

“An Alabama man accused of setting a home on fire and trapping his six roommates inside is facing several charges, according to news outlets.”

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“Marlon Pineda-Enamorado, 38, was charged with arson after authorities said he barricaded six people inside a burning home in Robertsdale on New Year’s Day, WPMI reported, citing the city’s police department.”

“Authorities said he will also face attempted murder charges and has an immigration hold.”

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