Florida became the 26th state this week to approve permitless carry, with all eyes now watching Nebraska and South Carolina as the next battlegrounds.

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Gov. Ron DeSantis this week signed legislation into law that makes Florida the 26th state to allow Americans to carry firearms on their person for self-defense without a permit as one of the fastest-moving affirmations of the Second Amendment continues to sweep the country.

All eyes are now turning to Nebraska and South Carolina, two states expected to take up such legislation in the coming months. Gun rights activists say the summer 2020 riots and the subsequent rise in violent crime in many blue cities gave a jolt to a constitutional carry movement they long wanted to see gain steam.

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“The bottom line is Americans watched years, certainly a year of riots and arson and looting. And they decided that they needed to be able to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Not everybody wants to do that. But they recognize the right to do so,” retired Army Lt. Col. Willes Lee, a top official in the National Rifle Association, told the John Solomon Reports podcast on Thursday.

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