Source: Arjun Walia

In Brief

  • The Facts:Dr. Richard F. Haines, a senior NASA research scientist for more than two decades discusses the UFO phenomenon, the behaviour they tend to display and many encounters that commercial and military pilots have had with them.
  • Reflect On:How would the realization that we are being visited and have been visited by extraterrestrial and/or extradimensional life impact our understanding about the nature of reality?

Introduction: The UFO phenomenon, or as it’s now now called, the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP), is exploding within the mainstream. The topic is far from taboo and is receiving legitimate coverage via mainstream media news networks. As a result, millions of people who watch these networks are becoming aware of the fact that there are objects that have been seen by many trained observers while simultaneously tracked on both ground and air radar. There are many such incidents that have been “declassified” where these objects are performing maneuvers no known aircraft can perform and in many cases seem to defy our understanding of aerodynamics and physics.

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