Posted BY: Ned Barnett

This article had already been accepted for print in American Thinker when President Joe Biden “courageously” ordered the destruction of China’s spy balloon after it had soared out to sea, where there was nothing more to spy on.

That balloon crossed the entire country, passing over strategic U.S. assets, such as the field of silos at Malmstrom Air Force Base, which houses a major proportion of America’s intercontinental nuclear-equipped missiles.  

When Joe announced this “victory” over an unarmed eye-in-the-sky spy balloon with all the swagger of John Wayne at his peak, he tried to make it seem as though he were bold, decisive, and in charge.

The facts, however, suggest something else.

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Before we get into China’s balloon incursion and Biden’s week-long non-response to this flagrant violation of American sovereignty, consider this.

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