Posted BY: Christopher Chantrill

I usually get Andrew Sullivan’s Substack Weekly Dish emailed to me. And last week, just before the Nov 8 midterms, he was agonizing over the Biden disaster: “Will Biden and the Dems Finally Get It?

In return for centrists’ and moderates’ support, Biden effectively told us to get lost. He championed the entire far-left agenda: the biggest expansion in government since LBJ; a massive stimulus… mass migration…

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Of course, if Trump runs again, Sullivan will vote against him. Because of Weimar.

But, Andrew Sullivan, there was a reason you “centrists” got shafted. It was the stitch-up of March 2020, when Biden got Clyburn to swing the black vote to him in the North Carolina primary, and then the Dems got Bernie Sanders to withdraw.

What do you think was the price of Sanders’ withdrawal? How about “champion[ing] the entire far-left agenda”?

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