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India has deployed 50,000 troops after hundreds of Chinese troops encroached upon what India perceives to be its side of the border. The Chinese troops were stopped after a conflict involving branches, bricks, and iron bars.

Two-and-a-half years after a fatal clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers in the Galway Valley, Ladakh, another brawl has erupted. This time it was over ownership of a remote, 5200m-high mountain peak at Yangtse, Tawang. While 20 Indian and an unknown number of Chinese troops died in the 2020 clash, confused reports suggest this incident was less brutal, although “as many as 30” Indians may have been seriously injured.

Now it appears that another possibly more intense conflict between China and India is inevitable.

The “physical scuffle” reportedly resulted when a Chinese patrol encountered an Indian garrison and attempted to force their way past using iron rods, spiked clubs and tasers. Firearms were avoided as this could have triggered an escalation of hostilities, including artillery and combat aircraft. -News

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