Rumours of axe for bigoted host cite her being “less than truthful about past incidents”

Source: Steve Watson

For years now Joy Reid has used her MSNBC platform to peddle outright racism. But no more according to an insider who claims she’s being removed from the airwaves.

John Nicosia of News Cycle Media claims that a Comcast insider says Reid will be off the air come Spring time.

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Pundits are speculating that the “less than truthful about past incidents” part could refer to Reid’s dodgy claim that her past blog posts, which made severely derogatory remarks about gay people, were hacks.

Reid and her colleagues including Tiffany Cross have presided over a litany of racist broadcasts, ranging from calling the innocent Kyle Rittenhouse a ‘murderous white supremacist’ who cried ‘white tears’, further claiming that the trial was rigged because the judge and jury were predominantly white, to relentlessly attacking Winsome Sears, Virginia’s first black Lt. Governor, declaring her to be a “ventriloquist” for white supremacists.

Reid and her guests and co-horts have also lumped in parents who are campaigning against pornography literature in schools with white supremacists, and claimed that the effort to crack down on the teaching of Critical Race Theory and other ‘woke’ ideology in schools and places of employment is really a “new effort to codify white supremacy for political gain”.

Reid and her MSNBC race baiting crew have also declared that anyone who celebrates Thanksgiving is really celebrating white supremacy and ‘genocide against blacks’, and that white Christian conservative Americans believe the country was made for them and no one else.

In her latest rant, Reid suggested that Joe Biden’s approval rating is in the toilet because Biden served as Vice President to “the black president.”

Is it any wonder that this crap is finally being shovelled onto the garbage heap at MSNBC?

The network its struggling to maintain an average viewership of just 1 million Americans at primetime. It’s only just beating the even more pathetic CNN, which is riding a wave of accusations of pedophilia among staffers.

Conservatives responded to the rumours of Reid’s downfall with glee: