Photoshopped image shows puppet president copping a feel of Ukrainian president’s derrière during White House visit.“A photo depicting U.S. President Biden touching the backside of Ukrainian President Zelensky has been edited,” Reuters Fact Check concludes.

Posted BY: RM | NwoReport

Speculation and ridicule swirled across social media after a photoshopped image of Joe Biden grabbing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s rump went viral.

Zelensky had visited the White House on Wednesday to ask Biden for more U.S. taxpayer money to fund its conflict with Russia.

The viral image shows Zelensky flanked by Joe and First Lady Jill Biden, with the latter touching his lower back while Biden appears to cop a feel of the Ukrainian Presidents behind.

The image looked so convincing, and Biden’s history of inappropriate touching is so well-documented that many people immediately assumed the image was real, so much so that the mainstream media began fact-checking it.

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The disturbing yet hilarious image is indeed photoshopped.

“A photo d

epicting U.S. President Biden touching the backside of Ukrainian President Zelenskiy has been edited,” Reuters Fact Check concluded.

The original image shared by Jill Biden shows her and Biden both touching Zelensky’s back on the heels of his White House visit.

The fact so many people so quickly and easily assumed the photo was real just speaks to Biden’s sordid history of groping, touching, or smelling people.