Posted BY: Jerold Levoritz

No one offers a reasonable explanation for Biden begging Iran to rejoin the debunked, tawdry, ineffective, and cynical agreement to keep nuclear weapons out of their hands, if just for a while. Israel keeps providing updates on how close the Iranians are to completing their weapons of mass destruction. The US government ‘cooperates’ with Israel, holding joint exercises, but keeps weapons out of Israel’s hands that could bring the Iranian project to a screeching halt; namely, bunker-busters and the means to deliver them.

Speculation is rife, and facts are hard to come by. I have a theory about what’s going on, though.


The United States government seems to want the Iranian conflict with Israel to continue or to explode because peace has no value. Israel’s defensive requirements keep the American arms industry buzzing along. American aid to Israel (roughly $3 billion a year) mostly gets funneled back into arms purchases from the United States, sales that might otherwise flag under conditions of peace.

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