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Iranians Hold Chinese Neocolonialists Responsible for the Epidemic

As most of the world has heard by now, Iran is currently wracked by the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, being the country most afflicted by it, second to China.

Iranians have been largely cut off from global travel, as other countries fear Iranian visitors may be possible virus carriers. The virus has become so widespread that even high-ranking Khomeinist regime hierarchs are becoming ill, and in some cases, dying. Yet, the regime continues to do little to control the epidemic, or assist those who have been stricken by it. The barefaced unconcern shown by the ruling Shi’a clerics has caused some Iranians to rise up against them.

The Tehran regime continues to conceal the scale of the coronavirus epidemic in the statements provided to the international community. As of Wednesday, February 26th, a confidential source inside the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) informed the Persian-language news website AVA Today that 488 Iranians had died from the coronavirus so far – many more than the 34 the regime has said officially. The same site reported another 42 people dying on Friday. However, some reports say the death toll may be far higher than that – with one unconfirmed source saying that 5,000 people have died from the virus.

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