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Syrian dictator Bashar Assad will provide a launchpad for new attacks against Israel, a senior Iranian official predicted during a Russia-hosted summit.

“We are sure that the Syrian Army will respond to the Israeli raids at a proper time,” Iranian Foreign Minister Amir Abdollahian said Wednesday. “All the signs and variables testify to the transition process in the world order, the decline of the U.S. power, and the strengthening of regionalism.”

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Israeli officials have conducted airstrikes in Syria for years, with the stated goal of preventing Iranian forces, which have fought in tandem with Russia to preserve the Assad regime, from establishing military outposts on Israeli borders. Abdollahian renewed that threat from Moscow as Assad gained re-admission to the Arab League, a diplomatic coup for the pariah regime, and Israeli forces clashed with Palestinian Islamic Jihad, an Iran-backed terrorist group in Gaza.

“We have hit Islamic Jihad with the most significant blow it has ever suffered,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday following a strike that reportedly killed three of the group’s senior leaders. “We say to the terrorists: We see you everywhere; you cannot hide, and we choose where and when to hit you.”

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