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Senator Sharon Keogan warned that the government is making people’s fundamental freedoms contingent upon consuming a product from a private company.

Irish Senator Sharon Keogan recently blasted the imposition of vaccine mandates and forced vaccination across Europe. She also tore apart pharmaceutical companies profiting off the virus and the billions they’ve made since the Omicron variant was announced. The Senator is appalled that her government is making citizens’ fundamental freedoms reliant on the consumption of a private product.

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Vaccine Mandates

Keogan is very concerned about the global approach to Covid. For example, Germany’s new government wants to make vaccinations compulsory, whereas Austria’s new unelected government is lifting the lockdown for everyone except the unvaccinated.

Germany cuts straight to the chase, explains the Senator, “your body belongs to the state, and under threat of force, you will comply.” Whereas Austria preserves the illusion of freedom while locking citizens in their homes until they freely choose to get jabbed. The government’s message is clear, take the jab and get the jab and you’ll get your freedom back.

Freedoms Rely On Pharmacuticals

Israel’s Health Minister announced that they would soon approve the fourth “vaccine” shot. It will mean all those with three shots will have their vaccine passports revoked if they don’t get their fourth shot. The Senator said

That precious Covid cert upon which your freedoms hinge can be invalidated by the wave of a wand and you’ll have to obey it again to get it back and again and again and again.

“Pfizer’s CEO has said that people will likely need to have an annual Covid vaccination for many years to come,” she said. “In other news, the CEO of Coca-Cola recommends a can with every meal because I am sure he is just concerned for people’s safety.

“Let us check the stock markets. What is that? Point 4. In the week that Omicron was discovered, the wealth of the eight top Pfizer and Moderna shareholders rose by a combined €9 billion”

Senator Keogan warned that the government is making people’s fundamental freedoms contingent upon the consumption of a product from a private company, adding that people’s money is being “steadily siphoned into the pockets of pharma and tech giants.

No Vaccine Exemptions

The Senator voiced her disgust with Ireland’s Department of Health and the HSE for still not developing a system to allow for a medically exempt vaccine pass.

It’s absolutely disgusting! I do not believe that those people that are not vaccinated should have had their freedoms curtailed but certainly not the people who have been medically unable to take this vaccine.  

Keogan had previously given the example of Mr. Anthony O’Connor, a family man from Louth who has battled a rare and chronic neurological disorder for his entire life. He spent seven weeks in hospital at the age of four after receiving the polio vaccine. As his occupational therapy team recommended recommended, Mr. O’Connor needs to go to the gym four times a week to keep his strength up. Now he cannot go because the Irish government has not developed a system to allow for vaccine medical exceptions.