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Just days after the U.S. shot down a Chinese “weather balloon” loaded with surveillance equipment that had brazenly traversed the U.S., along with perhaps a few flying objects that might be theirs since you’d think China would be on its best behavior ahead of a summit.

Not a chance.

China has now been caught throwing its weight around in the South China Sea, actually harming the Coast Guard sailors of our treaty ally, the Philippines.

Here’s the Associated Press report:

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippines on Monday accused a Chinese coast guard ship of hitting a Philippine coast guard vessel with a military-grade laser and temporarily blinding some of its crew in the disputed South China Sea, calling it a “blatant” violation of Manila’s sovereign rights.

The Chinese ship also maneuvered dangerously close, about 137 meters (449 feet), to block the Philippine patrol vessel BRP Malapascua from approaching Second Thomas Shoal, a submerged reef that has been occupied by Philippine forces, on Feb. 6, the Philippine coast guard said in a statement.

The Philippines has filed nearly 200 diplomatic protests against China’s aggressive actions in the disputed waters in 2022 alone.

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