Source: Spencer Brown

As the showdown between The Walt Disney Company and Florida Republicans comes to a head with the passage of a bill to strip Walt Disney World of its special district status, Bob Chapek’s tumultuous tenure as CEO of Disney has come into glaring focus. 

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Facing criticism from all sides, Chapek — who replaced former CEO Bob Iger — appears to be on thin ice with growing calls for the embattled leader to step aside in order to let Disney right its ship. 

As The New York Post reported on Wednesday as the Florida Senate passed the bill to strip Disney’s Florida resort of its autonomy, there are growing calls for Chapek to go and Iger to return as Disney’s CEO, even if just for a little while.

According to The Post, “Hollywood insiders” are questioning “whether 71-year-old Iger, who stepped down as executive chairman in December, would be able to restrain himself from reaching for the wheel at Disney after a series of missteps by Chapek” that it characterized as a “fumbling response” to Florida’s recently signed parental rights law.

Chapek, at first, stayed silent on the legislation as it made its way through Florida’s House and Senate, but then caved to pressure from Disney employees and came out strongly against the bill, pledging to do whatever necessary to overturn the law.