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(Natural News) One in five American children now suffers from obesity, while nearly half of their parents are morbidly overweight. It is a crisis that 2024 presidential hopeful Donald Trump is promising to fix should he get elected to office once again.

The situation is dire, and there are many reasons for it, ranging from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and chemical preservatives in the food supply; childhood vaccines; artificially fluoridated water; pharmaceutical prescription drugs; and so much more.

In the following video, Trump speaks about the problem of increasing childhood obesity and chronic illness, addressing some of the factors that he believes are responsible for it. Pay close attention because it sounds as though Trump is planning to drop a bomb on Big Pharma should he recapture the White House.

“Is it the food that they eat … the over-prescription of certain medications?” Trump asks – watch below. “We spend hundreds of billions of dollars to treat these chronic problems rather than looking at what is causing them.”

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