Posted BY: Eric Utter

Scientific American recently published a piece trashing “American football” as fundamentally discriminatory in a knee-jerk, fundamentally virtue-signaling response to the tragic injury suffered by Damar Hamlin on January 2.  (Hamlin is apparently experiencing a miraculous recovery, thank the Lord.)

Tracie Canada, the article’s author, apparently feels qualified to weigh in on the subject, as she is a “cultural anthropologist.”  Canada wrote, “As a cultural anthropologist, I’ve spent the last decade learning how Black college football players navigate the exploitation, racism, and anti-Blackness that are fundamental to its current system.  I know it’s not new to highlight the inherent violence of American football.”

“Exploitation, racism, and anti-Blackness” are fundamental to college and pro football.

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Exploited?  College football players are granted full and free athletic scholarships, the value of which can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Without these scholarships, many young black men would never get to attend college.  And now the newly instituted name, image, and likeness (NIL) agreement allow players to openly profit off their erstwhile amateur college football endeavors.

As for Hamlin’s NFL?  It has the highest-paid players of any league or sport.  The average NFL salary in 2022 was $2.8 million, thirty-seven times the annual income of the average white American.  Roughly 70 percent of the league’s players are black (a figure that is similar for college football players), whereas blacks constitute less than 20 percent of the American population.

Apparently, football is racist.  Maybe white people should sue the NCAA and NFL.