Posted BY: Bill Scott

The recent decline in interest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe could be causing execs to clean house.  

Victoria Alonso’s contributions such as She-Hulk, The Eternals, and Captain Marvel have left some people wondering if the MCU is dying.  When the news of Alonso’s firing broke, some MCU fans were relieved, saying, “Good riddance, hope this is the first step to getting the MCU back on track.”

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In the Marvel comics, we are seeing similar corrections.  The creators of Marvel Comics came close to adding “Snowflake” and “Safespace” into the Marvel Universe.  According to, Snowflake would have materialized light blue snowflake-shaped ninja stars.  Snowflake’s twin, Safespace, can materialize pink forcefields for protecting others against bullying.  It is probably no coincidence that the female twin sports a blue suit and the male a pink suit.  Thankfully, these characters didn’t make the cut.

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