Posted BY: Janet Levy

He who controls the weather controls the world.” These ominous words were spoken in 1962, at Southwest Texas State University, by then Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. In that Cold War era speech, he was alluding to what could happen after the “development of a weather satellite that will permit man to determine the world cloud layer and ultimately control the weather.”

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Later, as president, LBJ would authorize Operation Popeye, the spraying of silver and lead iodide into monsoon storm clouds over Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam to facilitate U.S. military operations by causing landslides and washing out river crossings. This was exposed by reporter Jack Anderson (in an 18 March 1971 column in Washington Post), Seymour Hersh, and the Pentagon Papers in the New York Times. America and the world woke up to the possibility that weather engineering could be part of invisible warfare, producing cloud cover, droughts, storms, or floods.

Large-scale weather manipulation may be a reality today. And, while the world stands deeply divided on climate change, Dane Wigington, the founder and lead researcher of GeoEngineering Watch (GEW), is determined to expose the immense danger to the future of our planet that he alleges.

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