Posted BY: Maker S. Mark

President Biden has now been accused of having at least two tranches of classified documents at two separate office locations.  From the link, we see that a Democrat-friendly news source, NBC, broke the story.  We actually don’t know anything beyond that because the news source has a history of minimizing the damage to prominent Democrats during initial scandal damage control.  We know that the White House has not denied that the classified records were found, and therefore, we await only the details on exactly what was in those documents.

The focus and framing, the talking points, have been that Biden did not know that the documents were there, the lawyers did the right thing in calling the national records group to retrieve the records, and he is not asking what’s there on advice from his lawyers.

IMO, this framing is being done to mask the real issues here.  Let me summarize, and let the security professionals here at AT really dig into this. I am not a lawyer, and this is not a legal analysis.

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This boils down to three things for me.

The first issue is, documents were removed by someone from a secure location.  Either Joe Biden removed the documents or someone else removed them.  It is my understanding that removing documents from a secure facility is the very definition of mishandling classified documents and would be a potential crime.

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