Posted BY: Richard Abelson

Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu phoned President Yitzhak Herzog on Wednesday evening and proclaimed, “I have succeeded in forming a government”, Arutz Sheva reports.

The phone call took place 18 minutes before an extension granted to Netanyahu by President Yitzhak Herzog was set to expire at midnight. Netanyahu told Herzog, “Dear President, thanks to the enormous public support we received in the last elections, I am informing you that I have been able to establish a government that will act in the interest of all the citizens of Israel”, Arutz Sheva said:

“The chairman of the Religious Zionist Party, MK Bezalel Smotrich, tweeted shortly after 11 p.m., “We have succeeded”, but there had been reports of difficulties in contacts with the various parties that are members of the coalition before Netanyahu’s call with Herzog.

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Netanyahu and his coalition partners have not yet formally signed the coalition agreements but reached agreements in principle before the announcement. Netanyahu and representatives of the United Torah Judaism and Otzma Yehudit parties will continue their discussions.”

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