Benjamin Netanyahu dismisses criticism and skepticism in bizarre PSA

Source: Jamie White

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu participated in a bizarre public service announcement dismissing criticism of the COVID-19 vaccines over reported side effects and deaths.

In a short piece of state-sponsored propaganda that aired last month, Netanyahu bullhorns citizens about the vaccine’s safety before a skeptical clown appears to tell the PM that he’s scared to take the shot.

“Happy Purim, Bibi!” the clown says. “But I’m scared. What’s in those vaccines?”

“Chen, don’t be a clown,” Netanyahu responds. “These vaccines were approved by the world’s leading experts, the American FDA. Millions have already been vaccinated and now they’re safe.”

Then a man dressed as a dog points out how the experimental mRNA vaccine modifies human DNA, which Netanyahu claimed was false.

“Cut the wagging. The vaccine’s purpose is to attack the virus just like any other vaccine that extended our life expectancy,” he says.

A “doctor” and a “keyboard hero” then appear to claim that they have major doubts about the vaccine after doing “extensive research on Tik Tok.”

“Here’s another keyboard hero,” Netanyahu mocks. “Stop the fake news. We want the infection to drop so we can return to normal life.”

A “baby” then appears to claim that he doesn’t need the vaccine because he’s young, which Netanyahu says won’t matter because everyone will have to get the vaccine passport.

“Sadly, coronavirus affects everyone, but the vaccine is the way to protect yourself, your parents, your grandma and grandpa — plus you’ll get a Green Passport!” Netanyahu exclaims, with a disclaimer noting that ‘passport’ sounds like ‘dragon’ in Hebrew.

That’s when a Dragon Master appears with a green dragon in the background, saying, “This Green Dragon sounds good to me!”

“Bibi, you convinced me, I’ll get vaccinated!” he adds.

A couple weeks after this ridiculous PSA, former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter launched their own televised vaccine public service announcement taking the vaccine.

Notably, 18 countries in Europe and Asia have so far suspended use of the AstraZeneca vaccine due to reports of blood clots and deaths.