Source: CD Media

On a morning when news broke that Pfizer is reported to have possibly misinformed the public about the number of deaths in the Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials, The Jewish State is about to begin injecting its children with dangerous biologics.

Child-size doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccines, intended for those aged 5-11, will instead arrive next Tuesday and the vaccines will be available for the public the following day, November 24, according to the reports, reported The Times of Israel.

Health providers had reportedly been gearing up to start vaccinating children starting Sunday.

Israel is one of the most-vaccinated countries and is experiencing a wave of Delta Variant disease and death because of it. Many analysts believe the vaccines are forcing mutation through antibody dependent enhancement and destroying natural immunity in those taking the biologics, therefore exposing them to deadly future infections.

Israel is now talking about a fourth booster shot for adults.

Though the government is keen to start vaccination for children, there are still some issues that need to be dealt with, Health Ministry director-general Nachman Ash told a gathering of pediatric doctors, the network reported.

Two key matters are vaccinations for children who have recovered from COVID-19, and the period of time to set between the first and second doses of the vaccine. The United States Food and Drug Administration has recommended a standard three-week wait between the shots.

Injecting children who already have natural immunity is especially dangerous.

The ‘vaccines’ (which are not traditional vaccines) have been shown to NOT prevent transmission, but possibly enhance it, and also are not as effective as advertised.

At best, the results suggested that the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine – now pushed on nearly a billion people worldwide at a cost of tens of billions of dollars and ruinous and worsening civil liberties restrictions – did nothing to reduce overall deaths, reported Alex Berenson on Substack.

Children’s Health Defense estimates a 4% severe reaction and death rate globally from the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’.