Putin Has Taken Measures We Have Not Seen Since The Cold War

Russia and the United States are on the verge of nuclear war, and all the mainstream media wants to discuss is what pronoun we should use for each other or how Donald Trump says mean things.

Vladimir Putin indicated a week ago that “a vote for Donald Trump means freedom. A vote for Hillary Clinton means war.”

Putin has made his fourth move in this week as a response to Obama and Hillary Clinton calling him a “thug puppet” by moving his second most powerful missile fleet to the Black Sea.

These explosive missiles are capable of not only striking land, sea, and underwater targets, but they could wipe France or the state of Texas off the map completely.

He Is No Longer Joking, We Better Take Him Serious

Russian President Putin has also bolstered his warship fleet in the Baltic Sea by arming them with long-range missiles, which are capable of striking anywhere in Europe.

These ships are going to the Black Sea to join hundreds of other submarines, smaller ships, and large vessels.

On top of all of that, China has also joined Russia in the fight against the United States.

It was reported earlier this week that China would be sending hundreds of military advisers, ships, weapons, and missiles to support Russia in their efforts to stand up to the United States and throw Obama out of the Middle East.

In this video, Putin held an official press conference to announce that he would keep Russians safe at all costs, but “what has to be done will be done.”

We are on the brink of war with Russia and China because of Obama and Hillary. While Obama is fighting for men to use the women’s restroom, Russia increased their military budget by 33 percent last year and will increase it an additional 70 percent by 2020.

The United States could handle a war against one world power. But when two team up together, such as Russia and China, they beat the United States in almost every military category.

Russia, China Combined Beats The U.S. In Nearly Everything

Many argue that the United States would have help from our allies in a war. While that is true, it completely misses the main point: we are on the verge of World War III. Does anything else really matter?

In this day and age, war is different. World powers will not deploy hundreds of thousands of ground troops to fight on the battlefield. Russia is preparing for nuclear war with missiles, not one with soldiers on the battlefield.

Earlier this month, Putin conducted a nation wide nuclear drill with 40,000,000 Russians to see how long it would take citizens to reach safety and for the military to deploy in the wake of an attack.

As if Putin needed any additional help, Hillary Clinton also told him at the debate that it only takes the United States four minutes to launch our nuclear missiles, so now he is well aware of what to prepare for.

War today would encompass shooing off nuclear missiles and entire nations being wiped off the planet. A nuclear war is unforgivable and this planet will never survive, but Obama and Clinton don’t seem to care about that.

Things have gotten so bad under Obama and Hillary’s leadership that China and Russia are joining forces to kick the United States out of the Middle East and are promising World War III if our leaders do not stop disgracing them publicly.

Who can blame China for joining forces with Russia? If Obama’s actions are leading us down a path to war with Russia and China, imagine how bad it will get it Hillary wins this election.

A President Clinton worries Russia and China so badly that they are now preparing for nuclear war. Imagine how scared we should be as Americans.