Posted BY: Robin M. Itzler

Decades ago, when I was a liberal Democrat, I bought into the fallacy that saying “Merry Christmas” was wrong. But back then, I also thought murdering a baby in the womb was right. As (my husband and) I slowly morphed into Reagan Democrats and then finally abandoned the now Marxist-leaning Democrat party to register as Republicans, I realized that celebrating Christmas is fundamental to the United States remains a beacon of freedom in the world. Commemorating Christmas guarantees freedom of religion for all Americans.

Think about it. If a nation where about 80 percent of its population is Christian is denied its own religious beliefs (“Merry Christmas” morphing into “Happy Holidays”), what chance do smaller religions such as Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. have for celebrating their holidays? If woke Marxists can remove the nativity scene from Christmas and replace it with Santa Claus, it’s even easier to remove the Hanukkah menorah and replace it with Liberace’s candelabra.

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