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The Biden administration is obsessed with climate change and they don’t care how much worse they make life for average Americans.

They have already gone after gas stoves, gas cars, and even air conditioners. Now they are coming after incandescent light bulbs.

Anything that’s cheap, convenient, and liked by millions of Americans lands on their radar eventually. There is just no end to it.

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FOX News reports:

Biden admin moving forward with light bulb bans in coming weeks

The Biden administration is preparing to implement a sweeping nationwide ban on commonly used light bulbs as part of its energy efficiency and climate agenda.

The regulations, which prohibit retailers from selling incandescent light bulbs, were finalized by the Department of Energy (DOE) in April 2022 and are slated to go into effect on Aug. 1, 2023. The DOE will begin full enforcement of the ban on that date, but it has already urged retailers to begin transitioning away from the light bulb type and, in recent months, begun issuing warning notices to companies.

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