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If you were alive during the Trump era, there was one phrase you probably grew tired of hearing: Quid pro quo.

For months on end, non-stop “quid pro quo” coverage dominated the news as Trump was accused of holding up military aid to Ukraine in order to secure an investigation into Hunter Biden’s corruption in the country. Eventually, that led to one of the more farcical impeachments in history, with no actual direct evidence of Trump being involved in said “quid pro quo.”

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I bring good news, though: Quid pro quos are good again. Well, at least if you are Joe Biden because it sure looks like he is trying to enact one in order to save the Democratic Party from excess pain in November. According to Saudi Arabia, the president is attempting to get to the Kingdom to postpone a cut in oil production by a month, conveniently putting it off until after the mid-term elections.

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