Source: Breitbart

Italy is currently mulling over the possibility of completely banning unvaccinated individuals from workplaces.

Some in the Italian government are considering implementing the Super Green Pass in workplaces, an action which would result in the complete banning of unvaccinated individuals from that area of life.

The so-called “Super Green Pass” in Italy can only be obtained by being vaccinated against the Chinese Coronavirus, or from having recovered from the disease.

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A negative COVID test cannot be used as a substitute in order to enter locations requiring the pass.

According to a report by Il Giornale,  the Italian Undersecretary of Health, Andrea Costa, hopes that an expansion of the pass would nudge more people towards vaccination.

“I believe that, given the numbers of infections and increasing hospital pressure, it is reasonable to immediately extend the super green pass in the workplace,” the publication reports Costa as saying. “It will be a big boost to speed up the vaccination campaign and impose severe restrictions on those who do not get vaccinated.”

Costa also expressed confidence regarding the possibility of such a ban passing in Italy’s legislature.

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