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While we strive to understand how three beautiful 9-year-olds and three adults could be blasted away by transgender murderer Audrey Hale in Nashville, it’s truly difficult, if not impossible, to attribute a single cause and a single cure to prevent such horrors. In addition to the usual attack on guns, leftists (and some conservatives) have frozen their target: Hale’s parents, but that’s simplistic and, therefore, wrong.

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With her manifesto kept secret, we know just a few things about the Nashville shooter: She was a mentally disturbed individual, confused about her gender, and suicidal. We can guess she was taking a cocktail of hormones and psychotropic antidepressants. Leftists, though, blame her (Christian) parents for being unsupportive of her LGBTQI+ status. They ignore that, while it can be isolating and emotionally disturbing when one’s transition isn’t supported by family, school, or community, most LGBTQI+ with similar backgrounds, many even bullied and abused, do not haul an arsenal to shoot up a school.

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