AOC’s chief of staff recently admitted that the “Green New Deal” is not about helping the climate.

It’s about changing the economy. His words, no joke.

Meaning, the GND is really about redistribution of wealth.

If the multi-trillion dollar plan went into effect, gas prices would rise to $13 per gallon.,

The socialistic Green New Deal, pushed by New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and winning broad support from Democratic presidential candidates could lead to a $10 increase on a single gallon of gas, according to a new study of the so-called “carbon tax” and the liberal bid to rid vehicles that burn fossil fuels.

The CO2 Coalition’s study, mostly focused on the government’s effort to assign an environmental price on the future “Social Cost of Carbon,” also looked at the ultimate goal of liberals to rid gas-powered autos, key to the Green New Deal.

Executive Director Caleb S. Rossiter said the study calculated what it would cost to get people to trade their gas-powered cars for electric vehicles.

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