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As the transgender movement plays out in America, the images often include teens and young adults. There are also images that aren’t being seen – and some of those include children as young as two years old.

A disturbing report by investigative journalist Sloan Rachmuth says that North Carolina hospitals aligned with universities North Carolina, Duke, and East Carolina have offered health services for young children with the goal of “social transitioning” through intensive therapy.

Duke Health operates the Duke Child and Adolescent Gender Care Clinic. Its website states:

“We provide treatment, support, education, and counseling to transgender youth who are exploring their gender identity and gender expression, as well as their families. We also treat people with gender dysphoria, which occurs when sex and gender assigned at birth do not align with a person’s gender identity.” 

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“Our team of specialists uses an integrative, holistic approach to provide quality, comprehensive, and compassionate family-centered care to transgender youth, gender-expansive youth, and children with differences of sex development.”

Via Twitter, the three schools responded to the report with a mix of denial and allegations of misinformation. They cited their standards and guidelines and did not directly name Rachmuth.

The American College of Pediatrics tagged Rachmuth in a tweet last week while calling the actions at North Carolina medical facilities “horrendous.” More from Rachmuth – who leads the nonprofit newsroom Pen & Shield – can be found on her Twitter account.

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