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Crooked Hillary Clinton lied. She knew Donald Trump wasn’t a Russian spy. Trump was aware that she lied. Trump was still pursued by the disgraced FBI despite knowing she lied. The CIA was aware that she lied. Idiot Barack Obama, the President, knew that she lied. Brain-Dead Biden also knew that she lied. The Corrupt FBI covered for her. The CIA covered for her. The Partisan Department of Justice also covered for her. Brain-Dead Biden and Idiot Barack Obama both covered up for her.

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The sarcastic epigram that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn is credited with states: “We know, they know, they also know, we both know, but still they lie.”

He was describing the life and imprisonment of Stalin. It’s a good description of the Democrats’ rule at Main Justice and FBI. Justice is one thing, but there are also those of us who do not care about justice. As the Durham Report points out, America has reached new levels of political depravity. Members of one party are treated differently than members of another.

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