Tattletales today leverage all manner of social and political power to bully and silence dissenters in our ascendent woke age.

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t looks like much-despised Washington Commanders’ owner Daniel Snyder will soon sell the football franchise he purchased almost 25 years ago. In response, some local fans are calling on the prospective new owners to change the team’s name, potentially even back to the controversial Redskins, according to ESPN panelist Kevin Blackistone.

But not if people like Maryland native Jared Hautamaki have anything to say about it — Hautamaki has been running a years-long campaign demanding Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) ban attire bearing Native American mascots, according to an April story in The Washington Post. Hautamaki has even demanded MCPS punish students who wear the attire of the Washington Redskins. “For as progressive as Montgomery County likes to make itself out to be, it can be certainly close-minded on a lot of issues, and this is one of them,” said Hautamaki.

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That’s one way to look at it. Another might be to wonder at the fact that a grown man never matured out of tattling. Has this man nothing better to do? Of all the causes with which to invest his limited time and energy, Hautamaki chose this? Sadly, wasting energy complaining about children’s sports paraphernalia is one of the least dangerous examples of how the proliferation of our tattletale culture is ruining American society.

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