Posted BY: Mary Sholl

We have entered a time warp and are now in 2015 and 2016.  Donald Trump will never be president, we hear from everyone.

Evidence for the same includes that Trump-endorsed candidates for Senate were defeated in the recent midterms.  He must be the kiss of death the national media proclaim.

The “let’s blame Trump” crowd forget the Dobbs decision “ending abortion,” the great student loan scam, the marijuana legalization ploy, and the Big Lie about losing our democracy.  All of these are chimeras.  Abortion is not illegal — just turned over to the states which are mostly protecting it quite well.  The student loan scam was ruled unconstitutional, and marijuana is not going to be legalized on the federal level any time soon.  As for our democracy, we’ll lose it a lot quicker with fraudulent elections than by discussing how to prevent fraud in the future.

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But the base looking for handouts afflicted with low information fell for the 24/7 media bleating and the ravings of a demented old man and turned out to save something of Democrats’ dignity.  Yes, Republicans lost the Senate, but the prognostications before the media hype about the Red Wave said they would anyway.  Last I looked, Republicans took the House.  Imagine if Trump hadn’t campaigned for them to “end Nancy Pelosi’s career”!

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