Source; Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen

Activist Post Editor’s Note: We have a predominantly U.S. readership here at AP, so it’s easy to formulate our worldview based around the prevailing news, legislation and activism coming only from America. It is also easy to assume that the personal experiences of those in other countries are vastly different during these tumultuous times. However, I think that advocates of liberty anywhere in the world will find that the message below resonates, especially if you are someone who just likes to be left in peace, and perhaps even more so if you are of a similar age to the gentleman in this video. It’s a poignant and growing message of the courage, resolve and planning it is going to take to remain free, as micromanagers everywhere have been given carte blanche to intrude upon even the most peaceful and self-reliant among us.

“The lies. The toxic people. I’ve had enough.” From Norway…

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